WiFi SuperBoost
WiFi SuperBoost
WiFi SuperBoost
WiFi SuperBoost

WiFi SuperBoost


Does it take forever to load a single web page with your Wifi connection?

And isn't the wifi extending deep enough into the house that during the 'throttling' hours you're going to fail to function at home or even watch Netflix?

Luckily, there's a new computer that fixes these annoying Wi-Fi issues!

How does our innovation work, exactly?

Plug a SuperBoost unit into every socket that switches fast.

SuperBoost is basically two state-of-the-art wifi routers and a versatile amplifier, all in one tiny case.

It operates by receiving the current WiFi signal, enhancing it, and then sending super-amplified WiFi through anything; concrete walls, several floors, and steel beams.
It would even expand the spectrum of your signal to also dead spots such as your backyard, upstairs, etc.

Our Wifi Superboost is easy to install: our system is universal and fits for every internet provider. An operation manual is given to illustrate in depth the usage of our wifi booster.